The Next Level In Classical Dressage 

on and off the horse

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“I grew up riding horses in Brussels, Belgium and there’s a different approach to training horses.” -Bridget Braden

Proper alignment and top line development is crucial to keeping a horse sound over the years of jumping or dressage.  Training in an arena is the developing of the horses proper self carriage but the horse must gain the strength first.  Many trainers are focused on showing and getting their horses to the shows.  It’s great to show but constantly having to perform might not help the horse have a lasting career.

A horse is just like any other athlete, they need conditioning the horse for performance.  The body of the horse will have too much wear and tear, not enough muscular symmetry being developed to help the horse be balanced in both directions. 


Combining strength training with balance training can increase your skills as a horseback rider no matter the discipline.  Using the connection between muscle groups, a rider can manipulate their physical system to communicate better with horses. 

Taking fitness seriously and working out regularly rebalances a rider’s muscle structure, helping align the entire package.  Working on corrective exercises with strength training prepares the body to stay even and balanced on a horse. 

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Developing riders in the saddle.

Many equestrians work very hard in the saddle to accomplish the physical task of riding at peak performance.  Animal training is done through the riders body; giving the horse aids to perform the tasks of specific disciplines. 

Dressage has many intricate movements for the horse to perform symmetrically in a test.  The dressage rider must have the proper positioning and self control to make these movements happen.  

Training on the horse with Bridget Braden-Olson fills in the gap between physical and functional performance.  Achieve over better self awareness on your horse by attaching the mind to muscle in the saddle.  

BioRider Dressage is accepting full training clients at this time with full care if needed.  Weekly training and trailer-in’s are welcomed as well.  All riders have the opportunity to train off the horse, either after or before their lessons. Together we connect the entire mind to muscle recruits, leaving equestrians in a better core engagement for their next ride!  


Developing riders out of the saddle.

 Take the advantage of fitness off the horse.  Regular working out gives athletes a better muscle to mind connection.  Weekly mobility, strength, stability and balance training goes a very long way. 

 The physical muscle development a horseback rider can develop will help them ride better based on mechanics.  Using the connection between muscle groups, a rider can manipulate their physical system to communicate better with the horse.  Using free weights, stability balls, resistance bands and other pieces of the equipment you can achieve peak performance as an equestrian. 

BioRider Fitness offers two ways to workout with us; online or at the barn.  Take a look at our online subscription to many equestrian friendly workouts and tons of articles regarding equestrian fitness.    

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